Photos 1950s


Dads old school - Brown rigg Bellingham

 Above and below early 50s? Photos supplied by Dave Walton

My Dad was John Walton & born in 1937.

Looking at age i guess abt 14-16 so that would make pic 1951-53.

He is 4th from right on top row. His family was from Blyth.

Dad old school group 

Here above John Walton is 5th left on back row.

1955 Pictured is Irene ? Patsy Harries, and Valerie Main, all of Pennine.From Brian henderson1From Brian Henderson 2From Brian HendersonDining Hall 1957-8?

Dining hall 1957  ?     

 1950 Margaret Weddle Betty Beadle Anne Peacock1950-51 from Anne Peacock1951 Summer From Anne Peacock

Dot Broome 1956John Lee 1956Ellen Connoly 1956Colin Barker 1957Edie Yarrow 1958


Inside a dorm 1957 ?

1958 Tyne Dorm ? The first new single beds