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use Captains . Two of the best years of my youth ( Robert Amos , Tweed Captain  1953/1954 (Below)sam_0200 15.43.02-1

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1954 Names for above group photo supplied by Harry Platter and forwarded here by Jack Dawson

Back Row--L To R.--H Plater,A Hunter,B Humphreys,C Cochrane,A Curry,K Woodhouse (N Vice Capt),R Connolly,R Amos (South Capt),

W Dickinson (North Capt), J Hopkins (South V Capt),K Dawson,J Reed,

3rd Row--L To R--A Moffit,J Gibbon,R Casson,N Carr,R Pogue,J Ogden,S Griffiths,N Harrison,A Peacock,J Louden,V Davis,A Reed.

2nd Row L to R--T Brown,N Allen,K Foggo,D Gray,A Dodds,J Dawson,Mr James,Mr R Peer,J Sanderson,C Flegg, J Blackburn,K Ballantine,

W Mair,J Wills.

Front Row L to R--R Hawkes,V Stephenson,E Timmins,C Richardson,R Sterry,J Hills,N Charlton,J Common,R Walls,W Howard,W Wilkinson,

D Thompson.




12 Photos Donated by Mrs Anne Riddell (Peacock), BRS 1949-51---- Below

1950 Concert Play1950 Swimmers1950 Swimmers 11950s Concert PartyPennine Summer 1950Pennine Summer 1951 From Anne PeacockTweed Summer 1950Tweed Summer 1951 From Anne PeacockTyne Summer 1950Tyne Summer 1951 From Anne PeacockWansbeck Summer 1950Wansbeck Summer 1951 From Anne Peacock1950 Best Cooks BRow 3 A Peacock,4 Pat Cotton, MRow 2 Eunice, 5 June Ward,F1950 Optimists Summer1951 Optimists1951 Summer, BRow,1 Emily Turner,6 John SOS Hunter,? Boldman, FRow 1 A Peac1950s Concert Party 11950s Concert Majorettes 1


Football Team 1958-9 BRow ?  ? E Yarrow. Evans. ? Emery. Mr Robson. FRow Stafford Black MacDonald ? Churchill ?

                TYNE Dorm1955 Back Row: Findlay,Wilson,Day,Pollard,Temple,McGregor,ConnollyBack Row: Findlay,Wilson,Day,Pollard,Temple,McGregor,Connolly,Beaty,Meredith,Beamish,Prudhoe,Johnston.
Mid Row: Moute,Patton,Narey,Stoker,White,Liddle,Stokoe,Spiers,Perry,Deer,Milburn,Fullard,Hutchinson,Collinson,Hunter.
Front Row: Wilson,Maddison,Brown,Palmer,Robson,Mr Wilson,Mr Dixon,MrWheldon,Nevison,Burdis,Hush,Turnbull,Mavson.
Sitting: Thompson,Armstrong, Smart,Lowes.  Photo from Anne Parry, Northern Territories, Australia